These poems are for Kush


The Poet and the Pixie

it was nice to have a conversation with you

till I got bored and insecure at the same time too

So I unfriended you with whatever technology we could find

But there was no delete button in the crevasses of my mind

I wanted love or atleast the illusion of the concept

You wanted conversation and politics on the parapet

I wanted to be a bum in the cafe on the corner

But you got confused in being either a  memsahib or a foreigner

So we go each other our merry ways

But the nights are long and so short are these days

You have papers to write and rich uncles to dine

I have poems to quaff and sip my port wine








The Village Game

I fall in love every other week

Parched in love I try and wet my beak

I am not so strong I am quite  weak

I was hunting for bacon I became myself the steak

I get up in the morning to drink my coconut water

I think up a poetry book to displace Harry Potter

I listen to Bob Dylan and marvel at his mind

I read Game of Thrones and a better series I have yet to find

In the noon I meet my artistic friends around the bend

I exchange banter and I drink the free tea they tend

I read my emails and a few I have to send

I learn from the world and a few nuggets of conversation I lend

Food is cheap from an Indian street

If your digestion can keep you on your feet

I say hello to my favorite painting in the store

I have seen it a thousand times but I always want more

All too soon I have to take a nap

I am middle aged and my mind is ready to snap

In the evening I awaken and if the sun is still there

I go to my fort of solitude and at the setting sun I stare

I drink my chamomile tea at a hundred bucks but ten percent off

I play Zombie Hunter on my android and the cold makes me cough

I find a funny thought and I remember to quietly laugh

I am neither young or old but half by half

I stare at the pretty people and wonder where my youth went

I am sure it was in a cafe writing poetry and it was elegantly spent

Till night calls I eat my pills and supper

Tuck myself carefully in bed lest I in the morning suffer

This was my day and you got the daily gist

My tasks of valor and my mundane lists

I am not sure I will ever succeed but in the end  I will be there

In any case the journey is prettier than the hows and whys and where





Turing’s apple failed Turing’s Test

Adam’s apple still is stuck in our throat

Eve’s apple denies us heaven

Steve’s apple is now a fruit corporation

Newton’s apple falls down on our head

Apples Apples everywhere

Spreading Happiness and Cheer

Smoke an apple with Uncle Nellie

Shake your apple with Matt and Willy

Maybe an apple was  God’s killer app

I rather like the taste of them mangoes instead


Hippies versus Grunts

This is a battle since time began

Between violent and peaceful sections of man

The ones who take it easy and the ones who have a plan

Who gets to lead the vanguard in the hunt

Who wants to be the cook far from the front

Jesus was a Hippie but St George was a grunt

Even though they were both right all along

and some may say they were partly wrong

they both inspired poems and they both inspired songs

A cat just walked ahead of my feet

A hippie would smile while a grunt would sneeze

Life is full of ironies and paradoxes as small as these

My pancake lacked maple syrup but it was superbly done

My day started with tragedy but a comedy it has become

I guess I will always be a hippie and I will always be a chump

Your cakes were so pretty and they were rightly so

You powdered your nose till your scars could barely show

Winter is here but we can’t wait to let it snow

Till a cute girl comes and smiles with dimples on her face

Urging me my sadness to control delete and erase

Stop writing poetry Begin living with the human race


Need to Know

We need to know what you knew from before

When you came to know that it was one big show

When we share and share information we will

We are sorry it will only be on a need to know

Your friends may be legion and your family underground

You may think you are a prince but very soon thou shall be a clown

We have all the logs and we have people to connect the dots

We have all the lawyers and the newspapers are already bought

So be a dear and cooperate over tea and bread

Very soon your balance sheet shall be out of red

We are generous plus we are funded by people like you

What we do with it, the people wish they knew

But national security demands a steady  voice and clear command

The marching of the lemmings to the drums of the same band

We are honest and we promise you that

You can dig and hunt but you will know squat

Need to know is no need to tell

Need to know is dont ring no  alarm bell

let Rome burn the Emperor needs a report on the fiddle

We shall let you decipher this age  old riddle





some people cant be bought or bullied with or reasoned with

some people only want to watch the world burn

and some people only want to watch the fires extinguished

some people are intelligent and yet

they do not work for corporations and governments

it is getting harder to tell the difference between the two

the lad is a poet and they think he needs more training

and maybe we can corrupt him and maybe he is too young

and lordy weren’t we all idealistic at that age

lets give him blonde with small tits or a maybe a chinese hooker

or the promise of a permanent visa and a steady pay cheque or some conferences

we are the government, we are legion, we do not forget and we do not forgive



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