These poems are for Kush


my friend Nicole

my friend Nicole far away
from the city of portland , usa
sang in a pretty voice today
and this is what she had to say

dont be sad my friend
troubled times come to an end
every road has a bend
this my heart the wishes do send

i try and be an optimist like nicole
but my head is warm and my hands are cold
this is not the plan I want to be
I am in love with my melancholy

Nicole said dont be such a grouch
you are young straighten up dont slouch
in troubled times you will find
the beauty hidden in the crevasses of your mind

ah Nicole if I had a girl like with you here
these thoughts would never be sad I swear
instead of sitting in the cafe somewhere
I would just gaze on the flowers in your hair



I dont know why

i dont know why
but I had to try
it seems unfair
when I am so near

I have to let go
because I dont know
what I want here
or is it fear

that keeps me alive
floating in the sky
i dont know why
but it seemed so right

to let you know
its over for sure
this is why
I have to go

because no one minds
if we live or die
if we laugh or cry
as long as we try

to not let them show
that we hurt some more
la la la lah lah lah
la la la lah lah lah

the world according to a hacker

the world according to a hacker
is just a keystroke away from chaos
is just a coffee cup away from order
is what you want it to be

the world according to a hacker
is full of bits and bytes
is full of ones and zeroes
is a choice between A and B always

the world according to a hacker
is like 99% cliches and 1% surprises
is like a big bang theory in the middle of an apple
is like a series of programs running inside systems

the world according to a hacker
can be simple yet so complex
can be pretty and ugly too
is just a series of electro- chemical impulses in his head




pirate away


Thinker Poet Hacker Spy

the powers to be
have signed the decree
the brown poet shall no longer see

the technological truth and the governmental lies
the free beef steak burgers and the fatty french fries
the quiver between her shivering thighs

this boy is doomed his existence a curse
after all the expenditure we had to carefully nurse
after all that engineering he turned to poetry and verse

what good my lad has been poetry to you
cant you be a team player and write lines of code a few
if only the dragons in your head we could help you slew

but daddy said the poet i like it here
money is tight but poverty can be fun i swear
i will never be your steve jobs but i would rather her shakespeare

daddy daddy after all the lies you tell
mommy mommy after all the spies you fell
baby baby after all the cries the people swell

cyber war cyber sex cyber conflict cyber money
real people real emotions real character needed honey
alone you fought bloody alone you fell funny

let the poets while let the children play
let me drink my tea and eat my biscuit today
tommorow tempt me again in the hope I sway


Et Tu Bono

Waiting for Bono to die

So his music we can again buy

reassure yourself anew

The eighties were the best music for you

When Bono will die

The internet exploding will ask why

St Peter in the heaven smiles wry

Take off those sunglasses when you cry

Why should Bono die

Isnt he beloved by millions in the sky

The record company makes a profit on death you see

Artists are more valuable with shortened longivity

Maybe we can arrange an accidental overdose

Maybe we can chase his car in a tunnel morose

Maybe we can cash in on his artistic legacy

Maybe we can climb the hill with One Tree




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