These poems are for Kush

People like us

people like us

used to build bridges over rivers

to ensure knighthoods for the moneybags

nowadays we hack code

so that men from all over the world

can have a great ipo

people like us work so hard

so that pension funds can be suckered

investing our retirement money in that ipo

people like us

send five dollars to our glorious leader

so he can have dinner with forty thousand dollar beautiful people

people like us

we dont complain

we whine over beer over the table over snacks

people like us

watch justice as a television program a reality show a status message

with silence

people like us

we will always remain silent

wont we

dear people

One response

  1. leander42

    Fantastic observation of the state we’re in.

    May 20, 2012 at 1:43 am

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