These poems are for Kush

Simple Things

I am inclined to waste my life working

In activities that I consider frivolous

So I can take the people I love shopping

It is true shiny clothes, phones , or fine wine

Rarely stopped me in my tracks

My needs are simple

A book, a movie, cheap port wine

Spicy street food and internet

All my needs are relatively cheap

But to watch people smile

Is one of my needs too

And I do not begrudge the happiness

That people get from such things

I only envy them

If only I could get off my high horse

And learn to enjoy a fine shirt

The way I enjoy a fine book now

But that would not be me

Or would it

Damn the Prozac

and full steam ahead

Back to work for

Here’s Johnny

One response

  1. Keep smiling at the sun and waving to the moon!

    July 3, 2012 at 2:15 am

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