These poems are for Kush


in the middle of daily chores and mundane tasks
these little things that keep our lives sane and our bills paid
sudden pangs of panic strike
is ennui a persistent part of my life

I get bored easy my thoughts race faster
I used to think it was curse and some
thought it was an ability they envied
I have lately gone used to it as being just me

ennui makes me wonder
ennui makes me ponder
what the fuck was I thinking when I landed here
what can I do to get out of this place

time passes
I swallow boredom
it nourishes me though with a bitter taste
and I go through life wondering what could be

whistling my tune of mediocrity
barely resisting insanity
ennui ennui wherever I see
why do you keep following me


One response

  1. Great artwork to go with the poem.

    August 22, 2012 at 11:48 pm

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