These days

I have been lied to and I have told lies
Somehow I feel the former more than the latter
Were my lies sweeter than the ones that I just listened to
Or was it my sub conscious self justifying my ego’s need to succeed

I would not know I am either too old or too young
or too warm or too cold to re-sniff this manure
Stuff happens and it happened so be it
Let them know we died on our feet trying

To be the men we always wanted to be
Not the men whom the world wanted to see
But it is nice to be lied to
Fate ,destiny and the world think you are still relevant

or maybe it was just a polite lie
and maybe it was all a coincidence
maybe you are just paranoid
establishing causality instead of the co-related cliches

that this day threw at us
from the pretty women in front of us who told ugly lies
or the ugly women besides us who told the naked truth
or the naked women in our dreams who made us feel ashamed



These days

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